The Frag Factory

Parental Consent Form


I ______________________________ am the Parent/Guardian of


________________________________ who is under 16 years of Age and

I hereby agree that the child for whom I am responsible for may attend the next and subsequent TFF Events until I provide written confirmation that I wish to withdraw such authorisation.

I have read and agreed to The Frag Factory’s terms and conditions as stated on the website and I agree to be held accountable for them on behalf of the afore mentioned child.

I agree not to hold The Frag Factory or any of its staff/owners/agents liable for the care or control of the above mentioned child while he/she is attending the event. I agree to accept all responsibility monetary or otherwise for the actions of my child while at the event and agree to compensate The Frag Factory, its staff/owners or agents for any monies paid to a third party by them as a result of damages/accident or injury caused by my child’s attendance at the event.

I agree to waive all rights to a claim against The Frag Factory its staff/owners/agents arising from my child’s exposure to any video games/images/language/behaviour that is/are deemed to have an age rating higher than the age of my child this could include but is not limited to video games and images rated at 18+ or language that is of an adult nature.

I agree that I may be contacted by The Frag Factory, its staff/owners or agents at any hour during the event should my child need medical attention for whatever reason, this could be caused by but is not limited to accident/injury/drug abuse/alcohol. I agree to The Frag Factory, its staff/owners or agents alerting the emergency services if needed and that they may sign any medical forms required for my child to receive treatment from said services.

I agree not to hold The Frag Factory, its staff/owners or agents responsible/liable for the administration of any medical treatments to my child for any ailments however caused that he/she suffers from while attending the event.


Parents contact Telephone No. Home:________________ Mobile:________________


Signature of Parent/Guardian __________________________________


Date ____________________